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Lets get something straight here UFC knuckle heads. Just because Fedor lost twice for the first time in “TEN YEARS” doesn’t change the fact that he’s the #1 Pound 4 Pound MMA fighter in the world. Words mean nothing chumps. What you see below does.

More accomplishments while competing at the same time in MMA. Something you can’t do because the UFC tells you what to do.

You say belts don’t mean anything?  Tell that to these champions cock suckers.

Pound 4 Pound UFC Bullshit

Great Fighter: In the pound 4 pound rankings he is number three under Jose Aldo. Why ? Well most knowledgeable MMA fans would put Anderson Silva at number two. Jose Aldo has the same number of straight wins and has faced tougher competition, and does not disappoint fans, and is a finisher. Not to mention he has two belts.

I’m not impressed with Anderson Silva’s last few opponent, and he likes to show boat when he’s being yella. He does jazz hands around the ring while telling the other fighter to start fighting. Then the crowd starts booing Anderson Silva, and gets pissed they spent $55 on a PPV, and hyped Anderson Silva up to their friends. It’s a sad day for MMA.

More Pound 4 Pound UFC Bullshit.

Are you tired of this UFC “Weekend At Burnies” Champ, playing and laying dead all over his opponents?

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The following are my UFC conspiracy theories. What do you think? Please leave your comments.

1.The UFC Vaseline Gate: GSP

2. The Fedor: Pound For Pound Conspiracy

3. The UFC CompuStrike Conspiracy

The conspiracy realisist in me suspects that the UFC does not use Compustrike or other real time fight calculators, because they want to control the outcome of fights whenever possible. After being an MMA fan since ’95, I’ve been around the MMA block. It looks to me that the UFC has had more questionable decisions in a short period of time than any other major fighting organization, other than Elite FC.  A casual fan may not car or even notice, but a veteran of MMA Sports, or the person who has bet a gwop of money on a fight does care, especially when they see numerous, and suspected consciously bad calls by the judges. MMA Fans and Betters get pissed, and if you tie the two together they can get real pissed. Now since my theory is that this seems so blatant that it’s got to be on purpose. Joe Rogan is either real dumb, or is part of a major organized racket where they have Joe Rogan express how disappointed he is in the bad decisions, as a pressure relief valve to the thousands of pissed off betters & MMA fans. As well as having Dana White tweeting about how pissed he was also about the bad decision, while laughing his ass off.

I have noticed something odd. Maybe it’s just coincidence theory, but Since Strikeforce: Overeem Vs Werdum, where it looked like Werdum may have possibly out struck the K1 Champion. It was very close I think, but I wanted to see the Compustrike stats.  Strikeforce did not show the stats as it always does, instead they showed “time standing vs on the ground” that seemed to lead fans to assume that because the fight stayed standing longer and Werdum is a BJJ expert he obviously lost. I will say also that the Strikeforce Gran Prix is not what it was hype up to be quote,” It will be on the level of PRIDE”.  I didn’t get that feel did you? (Here is the fight) You decide.

Here is an interesting conspiracy theory about, “Fighters with red tape winning questionable decisions”.

4. The UFC Yellow Card Conspiracy

The yellow card is critical in MMA competition especially where there is a time limit.

The yellow card is intended to stop yellow fighters.
A Yellow card results in a 10% deduction of the fighter’s fight purse for the following actions:
* Stalling or failure to initiate any offensive attack. ( They mean like a real one.)
* Making no attempt to finalize the match or damage the opponent. (They mean like finish the fight.)
* Holding the opponent’s body with the arms and legs to produce a stalemate. ( They mean like against the fence,or ground for a long time.)

 Dana White has not shown any real kind of public campaigning, or seriously talked about something that makes for exciting fights, which he’s always claiming to want to give to the fans, and of course it’s just the intelligent thing to do.

  Could it be that the UFC doesn’t want to implement the yellow card system, because it’s another way the UFC can control the outcome of fights? I can’t prove it. Maybe they are of the mind set, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  I think it might just be the conspiracy theorist in me , but they had better do something about it if they’re still planning on going to Japan in 2011, because the Japanese fans are not gonna want to see two guy’s up against a fence making out, and doing the tango.

 Who is Dana White? Where did this guy who nobody would like if he didn’t have a million dollars come from?

As much as people have to suffer through seeing the face of someone that looks like Uncle fester had a baby with Alister Crowley in the middle of everything UFC,  I could not see where Dana Whites huge ego comes from. I decided to find out.

My first question was, how did an aerobics instructor become the president of the UFC.  How does Dana White the Boston College drop out who choose to have the same job as RICHARD SIMMONS get caught on video tape in a homophobic rant while having the same job as (His Words) a faggot.

After reading all kinds of shady things about casino’s. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if there is a connection to UFC and MMA fight fixing. I don’t have real proof, just my documented conspiracy theories.

Lorenzo Fertitta is an executive at Station Casinos. A casino is a gambling business where everything is rigged with the odds you are going to lose.   Lorenzo is also a  former commissioner of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. That proves opportunity for my conspiracy theory. Doesn’t mean he’s doing it, but seeing some of the out comes of some important UFC fights from the stand point of sports betting it makes my spidey sense tingle. One recent fight that comes to mind is the first Shogun vs Machida Fight.  If you look at the fights point scoring that UFC & Dana White had taken down off of youtube, it clearly showed that Shogun won the fight. The UFC had a lot invested in the Machida brand and maybe the Vegas bookies and investors may lose money. I don’t know. The only thing I do know is the UFC is a shady piece of shit organization that has fucked MMA.

You can deny reality, but the facts are as follows.

Fact: Lorenzo Fertitta is a former Nevada State Athletic Commission chairman. When you are a chairman of the USA’s highest Athletic Commission there is opportunity to meet and become close friends with others on and surrounding the Athletic Commission. Also pass behavior is a good indicator of your future behavior.

Fact: Lorenzo Fertitta is a Casino Owner with lawsuits brought by shareholders who say they have been Robbed.

Multiple lawsuits resulted, and reports of the financial condition of Station Casinos surfaced revealing the who, why, and WTF?


Roessler v. Station Casinos, Inc., et al., Case No. A532637;

Filhaber v. Station Casinos Inc., et al., Case No. A532499;

Traynor v. Station Casinos, Inc., et al, Case No. A532407;

Goldmann v. Station Casinos, Inc., et al., Case No. A532395;

Griffiths v. Station Casinos, Inc., et al., Case No. A533806; and

West Palm Beach Firefighters’ Pension Fund v. Station Casinos, Inc., et al., Case No. 07-A536211.


The Complaint alleges that Frank J. Fertitta III, Lorenzo J. Fertitta, Blake L. Sartini, Delise F. Sartini, FCP, Colony and Colony Acquisitions knowingly aided and abetted the Company’s directors in breaching their fiduciary duties to the Company’s public stockholders.  Nah.., Really? I would have never thought.

The Complaint sought an injunction preliminarily and permanently enjoining the defendants from proceeding with, consummating or closing the Merger transaction, and demanded that the plaintiffs be awarded their costs and disbursements incurred in connection with this action, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and reimbursement of expenses.


The Company agreed to pay the fees and expenses on behalf of all plaintiffs as awarded by the court in an amount up to $1.9 million.

Station Casino employees were next to get into Ultimate Fighting by bringing a lawsuit against the company:

On February 4, 2008, Josh Luckevich, Cathy Scott and Julie St. Cyr filed lawsuits in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada, Case No. CV-00141, against Station Casinos. The plaintiffs are all former employees of the Company. The complaint alleges that the Company (i) failed to pay its employees for all hours worked, (ii) failed to pay overtime, (iii) failed to timely pay wages and (iv) unlawfully converted certain earned wages. The complaint seeks, among other relief , compensatory damages in excess of $5,000,000, punitive damages and an award of attorneys’ fees and expenses to plaintiffs’ counsel. Nah… , really?

Here’s what Lorenzo Fertitta said in his class notes to his school mates in 2007  for NYU’S STERN BUSINESS SCHOOL:

“Of all the success we’ve had with Station Casinos, I am most proud to have been selected by Fortune magazine as one of the top 100 companies for whom to work,” said Fertitta. “We were ranked at number 18 and are up there with industry giants Nordstrom and Google. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is to surround yourself with good people and treat them right. Being ranked as one of the top 100 companies to work for was validation for me that we’re doing just that.” Huh ?

As Hypocritical as that statement is by a guy that doesn’t use KY jelly while bending over employees, fighter’s and shareholders. The guy actually had the nerve to say when he was asked for insider tips on gambling he said to his alumni: “Stop doing it! I took finance with Professor Aswath Damodaran and know that there are better ways to get a return, dollar for dollar.’”

After seeing the decision of numerous fights in the UFC I say that’s good advice.

Unfortunately for the Station Casinos there seems to be a big train coming down the track towards the Station. Recent Station financial reports reveal that there may be trouble ahead for the heavily leveraged corporation. (see The reports point the finger of blame at the state of the national economy, the credit and mortgage crises, and the conditions of the merger. Here’s a snippet:

Our high leverage and debt service obligations could adversely affect our ability to raise additional capital to fund our operations, increase our vulnerability to general adverse economic and industry conditions, expose us to interest rate risk to the extent of our variable rate debt and prevent us from meeting our obligations. As a result of the Merger, we are highly leveraged. Our ability to make scheduled payments on, or to refinance our debt obligations depends on our financial condition and operating performance, which is subject to general economic, financial, competitive and other factors that are beyond our control. While we believe that we currently have adequate cash flows to service our indebtedness, if our economic performance were to deteriorate significantly, we may be unable to maintain a level of cash flows from operating activities sufficient to enable us to pay the principal, premium, if any, and interest on our indebtedness.”

The Fertittas are facing other threats due to their interests in Zuffa. Brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta III own 90% of Zuffa, LLC which includes the UFC, WEC, and what’s left of PRIDE after they cannibalized the organization . Illustrating a common theme of complaints lodged against the famed casino magnates, a lawsuit filed by former PRIDE owners cites “fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation and breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing” regarding the deal that ultimately resulted in the death of PRIDE FC, the premiere MMA league. The suit came on the heels of Zuffa’s own suit against the PRIDE principals, and the fight ahead promises to get pretty ugly.

The litigation all revolves around agreements reached between PRIDE and Zuffa.

“As a result of the world-class reputation that Sakakibaracreated with the PRIDE brand, numerous entities were very interested is purchasing PRIDE. Included among these interested purchasers were the Fertittas. Although Plaintiffs had numerous “suitors” for PRIDE, Plaintiffs ultimately selected Defendants as the buyer for PRIDE. Although the financial amounts offered by other suitors would have exceeded that offered by the Defendants, Plaintiffs sold PRIDE to the Defendants. The biggest reason for such decision was the Defendants’ insistence and promise to keep the PRIDE brand as a global top-level brand.”

Though they have a long list of excuses for why they ultimately dismantled PRIDE, Zuffa originally came out publicly with Dana White claiming they would create a “Superbowl” type event every year by coordinating both leagues and keeping both running strong. Which sounds eerily familiar to the promises told to STRIKEFORCE and it’s fans as we see that even before the Showtime contract is fulfilled they are already having a fighter fire sale. Under the guise of having super fights, not UFC vs Strikeforce, but dismantling the organization as much as possible till it’s no longer. Also like Xyience, the litigation regarding PRIDE alleges that the plan all along was to destroy the business to enrich the players who made the deal happen.

Remember that the $350 million senior secured credit facility Zuffa received in the summer of 2007 paid for the PRIDE purchase while also providing huge dividends to the Fertitta brothers and Dana White. Yet, despite Dana White being the front man for Zuffa and spouting promises about what would happen to PRIDE, according to the Sakakibara suit it was primarily the Fertitta brothers who made the most significant vows to make the marriage happen during October, 2006 negotiations:

“During the negotiations, Lorenzo J. Fertitta told Sakakibara that for the sound growth of the entire mixed martial arts industry over the course of the next 20 to 30 years, it was essential for both PRIDE and UFC to have the same owner who would manage and maintain these two brands from a position akin to a commissioner so that appropriate order and rules could be created to protect fighters and maintain and expand the market. Based on these comments made by the Fertittas, Sakakibara was pleased that the Fertittas’ seemed to share a sincere concern and understanding for the industry and the PRIDE
brand. This sincerity proved untrue based on subsequent events.”

When you are a casino Owner, not only are you just as bad if not worst than a drug dealer. You are responsible for providing a place to become addicted to gambling ,many mortgage payments never making it to the bank. Also the destroyer of marriages, bringing crime to communities, and after casinos are done putting major odds in their favor and getting the community addicted to gambling. They then go on helping these dumb suckers by giving them an 800 number to Gam-anon, which like Narc-anon and Al-Anon is a scientology  cult recruiting front.

Those involved in the Xyience debacle as investors ratifying the Fertitta infusion of capital in November of 2007, also trusted the billionaire businessmen to maintain and build on the Xyience brand. Instead, they bankrupted Xyience and broke all their promises. Click image below for more info.

Take a look for yourself at the mansions they occupy (according to PRIDE suit address listings for the brothers):


Google Earth View

Dana White’s Hand Me Down: (Frank’s ole house)

FRANK Fertitta III House, The Guy running Things

Globetrotting View

It appears I could be wrong, that Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta are primarily in the business to defraud people. They have a great example and mentor in their father, Frank Fertitta Jr.

Frank Fertitta Jr. came to Las Vegas in 1960, right on the heels of the Kansas City Civella crime family. He started out as a bellboy in one of their casinos and rose through the ranks becoming a black jack dealer.

Anthony Thomas Civella

In 1970, jew  Sol Landie an associate of Nick Civella, the head of the Kansas City crime family, was given immunity by the FBI to testify against Civella. Landie was murdered, after he was forced to watch his wife being raped by four men, before he could testify. By the mid 1970s, Frank Jr. was promoted to manage the Civella’s casinos as president along with his friend Carl Thomas, who became CEO.

In 1976 Frank Jr. and Thomas started a casino named The Casino with funds which allegedly came from the Civellas. The Casino, which later became The Bingo Palace and finally The Palace Station, was the beginning of Stations Casinos. Frank Jr.’s connections to the Kansas City mob and his involvement in skimming operations during the 1970s as president of Civella’s Tropicana and Fremont casinos are well documented. In FBI wire taps, Frank Jr. is on tape saying he forgot the date for the payment and that he had $50,000.00 and “we need like 150.” The FBI arrested the Civella brothers, Thomas and others in the skimming operation, but Frank Jr. was not arrested even though the FBI had wire taps and sworn statements from casino employees and eye witnesses as to his involvement. With Thomas gone, Frank Jr. remained in control of The Bingo Palace, leaving him as the alleged front man in Las Vegas for the Kansas City mob. In the 1980’s Frank Jr. was subject to further scrutiny by a four year investigation by the Nevada Control Board.

Knowing that his past would hamper future licensing, in 1993 Frank Jr. handed over control of Stations Casinos to his son Frank Fertitta III. As CEO, Frank III brought Stations Casinos public and applied for gaming licenses in Kansas City, Missouri. The Missouri Gaming Commission requested that Carl Thomas, now convicted felon and Frank Jr.’s former business partner, appear before the commission and give testimony on the Fertittas’ past. Before Thomas appeared, he mysteriously met his end in a fatal single vehicle car accident. It has been alleged by mobster Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal that Thomas was “bumbed.”

Frank Rosenthal Jewish Crime Network

Here is a piece of jewish Hollywood Propaganda to make you think Italians run jews, when it’s the other way around.

By the late 1990’s Frank III had expanded Stations and Frank Jr.’s other son, Lorenzo Fertitta, became a member of the board of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. At the time the UFC was owned by Bob Meyrowitz who needed NSCA approval in order to return the UFC to pay-per-view and profitability. Meyrowitz alleges that in 1999 Larenzo was the deciding vote that blocked NSCA approval, dooming the UFC, which forced Meyrowitz to sell the UFC to the Fertittas for $2 million.

By 2007 the Fertittas had built up Stations Casinos and the UFC into lofty enterprises, or so it would seem. In the beginning of 2007 Frank III had negotiated to sell publically traded Stations Casinos for $5.3 billion, which included $3.4 billion in debt, to Colony Capital. It appears that Stations was covering up loses at their casinos, especially at the Red Rock, and that financials given at the time of the transaction were far from accurate. After the acquisition by Colony Capital, Stations Casinos reported a loss of $417 million for the forth quarter of 2007.

In June of 2007, Zuffa LLC, the Fertitta’s holding company for the UFC, procured a bank loan for $350 million. A large portion of the proceeds went to Frank III, Lorenzo and Dana White, president of the UFC. The loan was placed with large funds and other institutions and it appears that Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s were given far from accurate financial information in this transaction as well. Xyience Incorporated, the UFC’s major sponsor, was behind on their payments to the UFC, another sponsor, AMPD wireless had filed for bankruptcy. To cover up this transaction’s improprieties, it has been alleged in both Clark County Nevada District Court and U.S. Bankruptcy Court that Bill Bullard, secretary of Fertitta Enterprises, with the aid of Xyience CEOs and board members Kirk Sanford and Adam Frank, arranged for the Fertittas to loan Xyience $12 million to pay Zuffa, put the Fertittas in senior debt position and then foreclose on the assets of the Xyience, defrauding all the creditors and shareholders of the company.

Now there are rumblings that the $3.4 billion debt on Stations Casinos and the $350 million Zuffa loan are both in trouble. From a 1960s mafia bellboy receiving $1.00 tips, to a 1970s skimming operation making $50,000.00 to $150,000.00 at a pop, to now defrauding financial institutions, major funds and other individuals out of $100s of millions to probably $ billions, it is quite obvious that the sons of the mafia bellboy have become experts at their father’s craft, far beyond their father’s wildest expectations.

Evil bastards who sold their souls long ago for a life of murder and greed have never been entitled to any peace.

Money stolen by deception did not guarantee happiness. Sure, they smile while enjoying their choice of hedonism, but know that on the inside they are always nervous wrecks.

They may still pretend to be so cool, but they know that their time is just about up. Hopefully they are finally a little bit scared for a change.

I am sure that these low life cockroaches are scurrying around not knowing whom to trust anymore.
It’s really not fun anymore when you are constantly looking over your shoulder or trying to remember so many lies.

In the end, they will pay dearly.

No amount of money will help them. They are nothing but cowards who surely deserve what is coming.
They will soon find out that THEY were actually the ones who were deceived.

They Are Of The Parasitic Class, And Are Front Men For The Jewish Crime Network.

The Jewish Italian Mafia Created Las Vegas.

Proof Fertitta Family is 100 yr. old Mafia Family (not just ties)


Lorenzo Fertitta — Frank Fertitta III — Frank Fertitta II (father) — Fertitta’s Grandfather –Fertitta’s Uncles — Fertitta’s Cousins — Frank “Lefty The Jew” Rosenthal (subject of movie Casino at the Freemont hotel/casino who worked for Fertitta’s dad there) — Sam Maceo — Rosario Maceo — Palermo Sicily (home of the Mafia)

Frank & Lorenzo’s family includes Sam & Rosario Maceo.Salvatore Maceo, also known as Sam Maceo, and Rosario Maceo were businessman, community leaders, and organized crime bosses in Galveston, Texas in the United States. Because of his efforts Galveston Island became a nationally known resort town during the early and mid 20th century, a period known as Galveston’s Open Era. They who rose from humble beginnings to become prominent in Galveston’s notorious nightlife scene in the mid-1900s before branching out to Las Vegas, Nevada.He and his brother, both Sicilian immigrants, owned numerous restaurant and casino venues including the now-vanished Hollywood Dinner Club and the Balinese Room. Sometimes known as the “Velvet Glove,” Sam’s smooth style and ability to influence people were legendary. He was able to wield influence comparable to an elected official and he held relationships with celebrities and politicians throughout Texas and the United States. During his lifetime he and his island home were known nationwide.The culture and economy Sam & Rosario’s Maceo/Fertitta crime syndicate helped create on the island engendered the nickname “Free State of Galveston.” They were also involved in the development of the Las Vegas Strip during the late 1940s, particularly the establishment of the Desert Inn.The Fertitta family and the Maceo family considered each other kin because of the marriage of Joseph Frances Fertitta to Sam’s sister Olivia Maceo. The Fertittas became involved in the Maceo businesses due to this relationship.Frank Fertitta II, Frank & Lorenzo’s father was founder & former chairman of Station Casinos. Federal investigations linked him to a mob money-skimming operation in 1985 when he was caught on an FBI wire tap stating so, though he was never charged or sanctioned.

Nonetheless, Missouri gaming officials in 1992 refused to issue a gambling permit to Station unless the company guaranteed Fertitta would have no part in its management, according to published reports. This is when Frank III took over the business reigns from his father.

Both Frank III & Lorenzo were working for the family business during the time that their father was caught on FBI wire-taps implicating himself in the illegal skimmimg operation at the Freemont Hotel/Casino working together with known organized crime members. The FBI wire-tap transcripts were released to the media. This caused a lot of controversy in Las Vegas and the media there reported closely on it.

It was well known by longtime Las Vegas residents that the Fertitta family was involved in organized crime. It would have been hard to keep this away from the students at Bishop Gorman High School where the Fertitta brothers attended and met Dana White. There is little chance this wasn’t public knowledge there too.

Tilman J. Fertitta (Lorenzo & Frank’s 1st cousin)

His family includes Sam and Rosario Maceo who rose from humble beginnings to become prominent in Galveston’s notorious nightlife scene in the mid-1900s before branching out to Las Vegas, Nevada. His cousins are Station Casinos owners Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta. Tilman Fertitta recently joined the ranks of casino owners himself when Landry’s purchased the historic Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas as well as the location in Laughlin, Nevada. He has two brothers Victor Fertitta and Todd Fertitta. Both work for Landry’s.

Sam Maceo – Godfather Maceo-Fertitta Organized Crime Family

Rosario Maceo – co-Godfather Maceo-Fertitta Organized Crime Family

Maceo mafia family bosses.. Frank J. Fertitta I (Frank III & Lorenzo’s grandfather), Victor J. & Anthony J. Fertitta (great-uncles) took control over the Maceo Family mafia organization in the 1950′s.Godfather’s Sam & Rosario Maceo handed control over to the newly-minted “Fertitta Organized Crime Family“.

Frank and Lorenzo’s father Frank II was a known member of his family’s 100+ year old Maceo-Fertitta organized crime organization.

Frank III & Lorenzo’s father Frank Fertitta Jr. was caught on FBI wire-taps incriminating himself in an illegal casino skimming operation along with know organized crime members that lasted for years. This had been well documented in the Las Vegas media at the time. Many in the Las Vegas community where aware of the (Palace) Station Casinos’ Fertitta family and their reported ties to organized crime.

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  1. Mr. MMAsays: August 3, 2010 at 7:58 amAwesome guys, I have been looking for this information. There is no online information or articles written about this information anywhere else this comprehensive. I got an email about this from my friend. I really appreciate your work. Hope you keep writing good stuff like this!
  2. DBsays: September 27, 2010 at 6:36 pmAfter Sean Sherk got the decision over Evan Dunham I immediately started to do some research on the Fertittda brothers and I quickly came upon this website. Thanks for assuring me of my suspicions. They look like cold businessmen and that’s exactly what they are.
  3. Rich Bergeronsays: October 22, 2010 at 9:31 pmI love your website Paul, Looks like you’re a pretty good researcher. I’ve documented a lot of criminal activity myself on the Fertitta Brothers and Xyience.
    I currently have an adversary case against Xyience in bankruptcy, and I’m seeking to get the judge to award $150 million in sanctions for abuse of process and other impropriety sponsored and directed by the Fertittas And William J. Bullard, the GM of Fertitta Enterprises (which currently owns Xyience). I’ve received two settlement offers, was flown to meet the CEOs of the company before UFC 78, and spoke with and provided the bankruptcy trustee with actionable information to prosecute cases against several guilty parties.
    Keep up the great work.
  4. themmacriticsays: December 16, 2010 at 8:51 pmgreat read! i’ve been looking for someone who had the same views as me about this shady organization. there are A LOT of blind ppl out there. please check out my site, there’s a post there (The Ultimate Fraud Championship) that you may find interesting.